About Me

I've been dedicated full time to open source software since 2017. I'm passionate about PostgreSQL and database-centric architecture, so most of my work revolves around databases and the PostgreSQL ecosystem.

Open Source Work


My OSS journey started with PostgREST. At an old job, I built a PostgREST clone for SQL Server. That gave me some knowledge of its inner workings which then served me to make contributions. I became PostgREST's maintainer in 2018.

PostgreSQL Extensions

I've always wanted to get deeper into PostgreSQL. To that end I've authored some extensions:

I like coding extensions in C because they get me familiar with the PostgreSQL core.


The core itself. I've managed to get some patches committed and I also have some works in progress:


I like parser combinators, I wish I could use them in C as in Haskell. To that end, I've been making some contributions to the MPC library.